WOOD - BURL EXOTIC WOOD 4-PACK Premium Select Fun 4 Pack #1689

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PREMIUM SELECT FUN 4 PACK BARREL BLANKS -  here's a great selection of premium barrel blanks that are "ready to shape" with pre-drilled 5/8" center bore. Two of these great looking wood barrels are stabilized and they're all ideal for your next duck or goose call project.

EXOTIC BURL:  This top quality burl barrel blank is stabilized and plumb full of "burl eyes" and it will make a super nice barrel. A barrel of this caliber would retail for about $26 so you can see that the price of this 4 pack is smokin' hot!!

MUN EBONY:  This exotic barrel blank is a species that you won't typically find but it's a premium barrel with similarities of the popular African Blackwood. The deep ebony barrel is dense and has substance and the golden honey streaks give the dark wood barrel some real flair!!

OLIVEWOOD: Here's a wood species that has become very popular and we've got a good selection of these exotic barrels and you'll enjoy turning these on your wood lathe. The have a brilliant contrast between the cream base color and the stunning honey roasted figured grain. It's just a powerful combination!!

FLAME BOX ELDER:  Here's a impressive stabilized Box Elder that has a good splash of red which makes this wood species so popular. It was stabilized by our Wood Wizard our west and you'll enjoy turning this high quality barrel.

This is truly an awesome 4-Pack of Premium Barrel Blanks that are ideal for any duck or goose call project.  We did all of the prep work so you don't have to and these barrels are "ready to shape.".


SIZE: APPROX 2.7-3" X 1.4-1.5" OD WITH 5/8" BORE