WOOD - BURL EXOTIC Dyed Purple & Stabilized Turning Blank 1.24" x 1.29" x 6" #1610

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BURL TURNING BLANK DYED & STABILIZED #1610-  This is another PREMIUM EXOTIC WOOD BLANK and it's a great option for any duck call insert or one of the trendy smaller diameter duck call barrels. This beautiful burl turning blank is a slightly smaller 1.24" x 1.29" x 6".  The slightly smaller size won't work if you're turning a bigger duck call barrel that you typically turn from a 1.5" OD blank. We wanted to make sure we mentioned it!! 

This is truly a beautiful stick and there's some real character especially when you check out the burl eyes and the burl streaks that really add to the quality of this blank.  This blank has a unique triple-tone look with the dark purple dyed areas and there's also some natural brown wood burl eyes and figured burl grain. It's a very classy stick of exotic burl. You get the exact blank featured!!  

SIZE:  1.24" x 1.29" x 6"  TURNING BLANK #1610