GUTSERT - TEAL Metal Reeds w/ Gutsert "Ready to Install" 1-PACK

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TEAL GUTSERT WITH TUNED METAL REED 1-PACK -  Here's a new addition to our line of call making supplies and it's the new TEAL DUCK GUTSERT.  These make it so much easier to hand-craft a TEAL duck call because these GUTSERTS simply glue into your bell end insert design.  If you're familiar with a GOOSE GUTSERT than you'll see the similarities and you'll see the ease of installation.

The tuned METAL TEAL REEDS are a very reliable and realistic plus they're very easy to use.  If you're a call maker than you'll be able to use these TEAL GUTSERTS to add a new waterfowl call to your line up!! These are an excellent confidence call for big mallards, but they're deadly during the early wood duck and teal seasons in those flyways that offer these early hunting seasons. 

These  Teal Duck Metal Reeds have a wedge design rubber grommet that's designed to fit into the GUTSERT'S tapered 1/2" bore.  You simply turn a wood or acrylic insert and drill a .615" center bore. The Gutsert can easily be glued into the insert center bore.  On the barrel you'll need a 3/4" center bore, and the GUTSERT double O-rings provide an air-tight seal between the insert and barrel. It's a great way to connect the barrel to the insert.