MYLAR - 10 mil Mylar RARE CREAM 3 ea 5" x 11" Sheets PLUS 30 REAL Cork Wedges

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MYLAR SHEETS 10 mil & REAL CORK WEDGES:  Here's a 3-Pack of SUPER RARE CREAM 10 MIL MYLAR SHEETS.  These are approx 11" x 5"  and you'll enjoy the bonus pack of 30 REAL Cork 3/16" thick wedges.  Our Real Cork wedges come from the manf and it's the same corked used by some World Champion Callers.

We offer these Top Grade parts at great prices because Ducks USA sells good stuff for good prices -  "We Sell Good Quack!"


3 each 10 mil Mylar Sheets Approx 11" x 5"

Plus 30 REAL Cork Wedges!!

NOTE:  We may opt to send 6 each 5" x 6" sheets which is the same square inches as what we have listed here but it's much easier to ship in these smaller sheets.