MYLAR - 10 mil Mylar RARE CREAM 3 ea 3" X 6" Sheets PLUS 25 REAL Cork Wedges

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10 mil MYLAR SHEETS & REAL CORK WEDGES:  Here's a 3-Pack of the SUPER RARE CREAM 10 MIL MYLAR SHEETS.  These are approx 3" X 6" and we've thrown in a bonus pack of our premium REAL cork wedges

This 25-PACK of our Premium Grade REAL cork wedges are 3/16" thick and we source these direct from the manufacturer. This same cork is also supplied to some of the most popular call companies, and numerous world champion callers also use this style of cork. We mention this so you can rest assured that this is truly "the good stuff!"

The 10 mil Cream Mylar has been the standard reed material among the world's best contest callers, but this "Cream Style" was discontinued by the manufacturer many months ago and it's nearly impossible to find. The Mylar that's currently being made is "white" and it's not nearly as good as the original Cream style, according to many contest callers. Ducks USA has a limited amount of the coveted "cream" 10 mil, and once this is gone it will be gone for good! 


3 each 10 mil "CREAM" MYLAR SHEETS APPROX 3" x 6" 

BONSU 25-PACK REAL Cork Wedges!!