MYLAR - 10 mil Duck Call Mylar 3 ea 5" x 11" Sheets - Best Available

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MYLAR SHEETS 10 mil SUPER RARE CREAM MYLAR!! :  Here's a 3-Pack of 11" x 5" Mylar sheets. We get our Mylar direct from the source so there's no "middleman" that typically makes parts more expensive. We work hard at finding the best parts from the source so we can continue our pledge to "sell good stuff for good prices!!"

NOTE We listed these rare cream Mylar sheets as a 3-Pack of 11" x 5" sheets. We have changed the size and we'll ship you the same amount of Mylar but they'll be cut into 5" x 5.5" pieces. You'll get a total of 6 sheets which is the same amount as we have listed. We hand cut these from large 3' by 4' master sheets and than we use an X-Acto paper cutter to trim these into the smaller sheets. So our sizes are not exact but they're very close.

RARE CREAM MYLAR:  This CREAM MYLAR is prefered by many of the top contest duck callers because they claim it's a higher quality Mylar and it offers a cleaner and more crisp tone. This "cream" Mylar was discontinued a while ago and the Mylar that's now available is brighter white.  Since the "cream" Mylar was discontinued it has become very hard to find but we still have a private stash. We're getting down to the last of this coveted "cream" Mylar so enjoy it while we still have some to offer!!

LISTING:  3 each 10 mil Mylar Sheets 11" x 5"