MYLAR - 10 mil Duck Call Mylar 3 ea 5" x 6" Sheets & BONUS 50 CORK - RARE CREAM MYLAR!!

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MYLAR SHEETS 10 mil SUPER RARE CREAM MYLAR!! :  Here's a 3-Pack of 5" x 6" sheets that the super rare CREAM 10 MIL Mylar plus we added a BONUS 50-PACK of our Premium 3/16" thick REAL Cork Wedges.

RARE CREAM MYLAR:  This CREAM MYLAR is prefered by many of the top contest duck callers because they claim it's a higher quality Mylar and it offers a cleaner and more crisp tone. This "cream" Mylar was discontinued a while ago and the Mylar that's now available is a bright white.  Since the "cream" Mylar was discontinued it has become very hard to find but we still have a private stash. We're getting down to the last of this coveted "cream" Mylar so enjoy it while we still have some to offer!!

LISTING:  3 each 10 mil Mylar Sheets 5" x 6" & 50 REAL Cork Wedges