MYLAR - 14 mil CUTDOWN Reed Mylar 5-Sheets 6" x 5" Top Grade 14 mil Mylar

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MYLAR PREMIUM GRADE "CREAM" SHEETS:  Here's a 5-Pack of 6" x 5" Mylar sheets that are 14 mil thick which is the best choice for CUTDOWN DUCK CALL REEDS!!

This is the best Mylar available and we know many top callers who use this exact Mylar. We'd like to mention that this is the same as our super rare "CREAM" 10-mil Mylar but this listing is for the thicker 14-mil that is prefered for tuning the super popular CUTDOWN duck call inserts. We still have a good supply of this rare cream 14-mil but when it's gone it will be gone for good.

LISTING:  5 each 14 mil Mylar Sheets 6" x 5"