LATHE ASSECCORIES - LIVE ACTION MT2 Premium Tailstock CenterSealed Ball Bearings

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We get so many phone calls from call makers that are looking for the various lathe accessories that are needed to make duck and goose call barrels. So we decided to offer some of the premium parts that we use here at Ducks USA. We turn hundreds of barrels each week and we've gone through many different brands and styles and we now have some that are our favorites.
We now offer a few of these parts mostly for convenience so our customers can find many the items that they're hunting for under one roof here at We will continue to add more of these accessories so check back or give us a call with any speical requests.
Everyone has their favorites and we're simply offering what accessories that we've found that have worked best for us. This LIVE CENTER MT2 is one of those accessories that has really helped with the production and accuracy of turning square wood and acrylic blanks into our exclusive "Reday to Shape" barrel blanks.
Here's some tech data:  Material: Carbon Alloy Steel
Accuracy: 0.001 - Angle: 60º - Key Features: High precision, high rigidity, high wear resistance, dust-proof ball bearing seal, long service life. Uses: Ideal for small wood lathes favored by call makers..
LISTING INCLUDES:  1 x MT2 Taper  Live Center Tailstock