LANYARD SPRINGS - Special 40-Pack Ducks USA Exclusive Item Black Lanyard Springs

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LANYARD SPRINGS -  Our Lanyard Springs are very popular and we've been told by many customers that we're one of the only source for Lanyard Springs.  We recently had several thousand made so we could continue to offer these springs at a much lower price. When we find a demand for a specific product than we'll get a boat load made so  we can offer our awesome customers "good stuff for good prices!!"

These are a standard lanyard spring size and this new batch really turned out nice. We've put together this 40-Pack for call makers who also make lanyards. If you want to buy in bulk just get in touch and we'll talk about how many for how much. We're here to help.


Duck calls and lanyards shown in display photos are for example only and are not included. This listing is for 40-lanyard springs.