INSERT TONEBOARD SLEEVE - Black Acrylic TIMBER Toneboard - Glue Into Bell End

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INSERT TONEBOARD SLEEVE ACRYLIC with TIMBER TONEBOARD - The hardest part about making a duck call is cutting the toneboard. Well, we've just made that job a much easier task with our new ACRYLIC INSERT SLEEVE because these come tuned and ready to install into your acrylic or wood bell end. It's a simple "glue in" process and you than shape the bell end. This gives you the ability to offer a duck call with matching barrel and bell end. And if you use acrylic than you can offer a "full acrylic" call which is certainly a popular option to consumers.

These have an awesome Timber toneboard so you'll get the exact tone with every INSERT SLEEVE that you glue into your bell end design. You'll need to drill a 1/2" bore into your bell end. We use a quality glue such as CLEAR GEL Gorilla GLUE or some other style of "Super Glue" and simply glue the insert sleeve into the bell end. Once it's cured you can shape the bell end to your unique style. We suggest using a tapered drill to make the exit bore larger. This will give you a bigger and cleaner Timber tone.