DYMOND WOOD - AUTHENTIC Solid Turning Blank 3.5" x 1.5" OD #048

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RARE DYMOND WOOD TURNING BLANK  -  Authentic Dymond Wood is hard to find but we've got this awesome solid turning blank. It's the only one we have and we thought we'd leave it as a solid blank so you'll have options on how you want to use it. This color has natural, smoke, blue, and aqua and it's been turned and cut at an angle which you can see the way it looks on the sides where the color fades away. It will make an awesome duck or goose barrel!!

The Dymond Wood factory burned down in 2014, so this authentic blank was made sometime in 2014 or earlier. It's the only piece we have in this color and it's probably one of the last blanks available anywhere. We were lucky to find this piece and we wanted to make it available so someone could craft an awesome duck or goose call. 

This Dymond Wood turning blank is the solid and heavy style Dymond Wood that's so popular with call makers simply because it's such a high quality wood. It's actually waterproof. 

If you want a 5/8" bore just let us know. We can cut it down to a 3" blank and drill using our 4-step process for a smooth 5/8" bore. You'll need to send us a message at checkout so it's attached to your order. A separate email or text won't work because it won't be attached to this order.


SIZE:  3.5" X 1.4" OD