ACRYLIC BARREL - DUCK WEED Exotic Swirl Barrel Blank Hot New Color 2.7" x 1.4" OD & 5/8" Bore

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DUCK WEED EXOTIC SWIRL BARREL BLANK -   This continues to be a very popular Exotic Swirl because it's just a great looking combination of moss green and dark timber black swirl that's floating in a clear acrylic. Each barrel is unique and different and it's a great color because it works with so many insert colors.

This barrel is "ready to shape" with a pre-drilled 5/8" center bore. We do all of the prep work so you don't have to. These start out as a square turning blank and we turn them round and than we use a 4-step drilling process to get a smooth 5/8" center bore. You'll be able to lightly sand and polish the center bore to get it as clear and smooth as you typically finishes your acrylic calls.

The sister to this Duck Weed Swirl is the Blue Gun Smoke which is the same style but with a blue and black color combination. We wanted to mention this in case you love the style but possibly were looking for a different color. Check our other listings for the Blue Gun Smoke Exotic Swirl barrel blanks.


SIZE:  2.7" X 1.4" OD & SMOOTH 5/8" BORE

NOTE:  Barrels that we ship are not polished. We only sand and polish barrels that we use for our display photos so you can see the true colors of these incredible Exotic Swirls!