MYLAR - 14 mil Goose Reed Mylar 5-Sheets 6" x 5" Top Grade 14 mil Mylar Best Available

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MYLAR SHEETS 14 Mil PERFECT FOR GOOSE REEDS:  Here's a 5-Pack of 6" x 5" Mylar sheets that are 14 mil thick which is the best option for goose reeds. This is the best Mylar available and we know many top goose call makers that use this exact Mylar.

This is the super rare "cream" Mylar which is no longer made and the serious goose callers prefer the cream over the newer white style. This is the same with the duck call guys who also prefer the "cream" Mylar but they use the thinner 10 Mil material.

We have a good supply of the rare "cream" but when it's gone it will be gone for good because no one that we could find has the "cream" Mylar available.

LISTING:  5 each 14 mil Mylar Sheets 6" x 5"..