CORK - Real Cork Wedges Same Style Used by World Champ Callers 3/16" Big 25-PACK

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REAL CORK WEDGES PREMIUM MADE IN USA 3/16' THICK - Here's a 25-PACK of REAL Cork Wedges and these are the same cork wedges use by some of the nation's best duck callers.

Our premium REAL Cork wedges are 3/16" thick and it's the same style that's used for tuning most polycarb and acrylic "J" frame duck call inserts. You can check other listings because we also have a 50-PACK and you'll also find  6" x 6" Cork Sheets.

This is USA made REAL Cork that we get from the manufacture so there's no middleman. We go direct to the Cork Source and we offer it at a great price because we know that a tuned up and sounding good duck call insert is critical to your success!!