MANDREL - BUFFING MANDREL Great for Polishing Bands Holds 7 ea 1/2" Bands

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BAND BUFFING MANDREL -  These are used by some of the top call makers that have to polish large amounts of brass, acrylic, or stainless bands. Our Buffing Mandrel holds 7 each 1/2" wide bands. It also works with 3/8" wide bands and you'll have to mix some 1/2" wide bands to make the last band stick past the end of the mandrel.

The bolt and washer is used to tighten the bands to hold them so they don't spin when you're polishing. We use our Buffing Mandrel in a 1/2" cordless drill. With it spinning in the oppostite direction, we than push it against a buffing wheel on our  bench mounted buffer. You can also mount the Buffing Mandrel in a 3- or 4-jaw chuck and than polish the bands with whatever method you find that works best for your needs. We only mentioned our prefered way of polsihing bands.

This is another exclusive Ducks USA product that we designed and manufacturer. No middleman. We are the source. We've sold hundreds of these mandrels and we've received awesome reviews of this being rated "excellent"



LISTING: One BUFFING MANDREL with washer and bolt