GOOSE CALL KIT - AMERICANA Acrylic Barrel - Red Polycarb Canada Insert - Candy Blue Band

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CANADA GOOSE CALL KIT WITH AMERICANA ACRYLIC BARREL - this is a brand new GOOSE CALL KIT featuring a acrylic Americana Red-White-Blue exotic swirl & pearl barrel with a transparent red polycarb insert. This is a short reed Canada goose gut and it's an easy-to-use with a full range of goose tones that will bring them down low and up front.

We also included one of our custom powder coated Candy Blue Band. This will tie the insert and barrel together in a seamless and stunning goose call that will look amazing and sound great. All of the good stuff that you can put your shape and design to and end up with one incredible goose call. Probably the best looking and best sounding goose call kit for less than $20 Bucks!!!

INSERT:  This Red Polycarb Goose Insert has double O-rings for an air-tight seal between the insert and barrel. This feature adds to the overall quality of the tone. It's a reliable insert choice and there are literally tens of thousands of these used each year to call in those big honkers. You wont' be disappointed!



NOTE:  Barrel is pre-drilled with a 5/8" bore at the exit and a 7/8" bore for the polycarb insert. The barrels we ship are not polished like the kit featured in this listing. We only sand and polish the acrylic barrels for photos so you can see the true color of these amazing exotic swirls!!