CORK - Real Cork Sheet 6" x 6" x 3/16" Thick Premium Real Cork Perfect to Make Wedges

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REAL CORK  PREMIUM MADE IN USA 3/16' THICK 6" x 6" SHEET-   This is the same premium USA made REAL Cork that we use for our Duck Call Wedges and now we're making these ideal 6" x 6" x 3/16" sheets available as a This is the only place that we'll list these custom cut sheets..

You can get about 115 of the regular size Real Cork Wedges from this size sheet. But you can also cut custom wedges because some of the World Class callers that we know prefer a wider Cork Wedge for their Single Reed "J" Frame Inserts. We thought it would be a good option to let our customers get these full sheets rather than the pre-cut wedges just so you have options to make whatever works best for you. It's all about making available the parts that you need to make your call making more productive and certainly less hassle and more fun!

We're always open to your suggestions, requests, comments, etc. so let us know if there's something you need or can't find. We have literally hundreds of products, colors, sizes, etc. and it's hard to get everything listed. If there's something you need there's a really good chance that we'll have it or we know where to get it. We are here to help so send us a text message or give us a call. Email is the worst way to communicate because we get literally hundreds of emails each week and it's hard to find the ones we're suppose to read. Text is best!! 

This cork is made in the USA and it's REAL Cork that we get from the manufacture so there's no middleman. We go direct to the Cork Source and we offer it at a great price because we know that a tuned up and great sounding duck call insert is critical to your success!!