BANDS - CANDY APPLE RED Aluminum Bands 2-PACK 1.25" OD x 1.17" ID

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CANDY RED 2-PACK CUSTOM POWDER COATED BANDS -  Our Candy Red bands are super nice with a brilliant Candy Apple Red that truly is a remarkable color.  It's actually hard to capture with a camera and you'll certainly be impressed when they show up!!

We use our premium polished aluminum bands and have them professionally powder coated. These CANDY APPLE RED bands are semi-translucent and it's a great look when applied to a polished aluminum. These are an exclusive by Ducks USA. We make our own bands on our CNC we cut out the middleman and you get to buy direct from the source of these incredible bands. If you want to add quality, class, and attention to detail than these are a really good option!! 

SIZE: 1.25" OD x 1.17" ID x 1/2" WIDE