BANDS - COPPER FROSTED CUSTOM Special 2-Pack 1.25" OD x 1.17" ID x 1/2"

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FROSTED COPPER BANDS SPECIAL 2-PACK Here's a new style of premium band and it's our FROSTED COPPER which is another Ducks USA exclusive band style.

These are precision cut on a CNC lathe using premium grade copper. You won't find Solid Copper Bands elsewhere because copper isn't available in a standard 1.25" diameter. We had these custom made to the traditional duck and goose call band size so we doubt you'll find copper bands in this size anywhere except from Ducks USA.

We use our premium polished copper bands and do a treatment to give them the frosted look. We than use a thin coat of matte clear to protect the copper. When copper is raw it will tarnish in a matter of minutes. So we had to spray each band to protect the fresh frosted look.


SIZE:  1.25" OD X 1.17" ID X 1/2" WIDE