BANDS - Aluminum BLACK ANODIZED BANDS 5-PACK - 1.25" OD X 1.17" ID X .5" WIDE

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BLACK ANODIZED PREMIUM ALUMINUM BAND 5-PACK -  We recently finished another big batch of our popular BLACK BANDS. They turned out super nice!!

These are a traditional 1/2" wide PREMIUM POLISHED ALUMINUM BAND that are  ANODIZED BLACK. This is a great color choice because it blends well with many different acrylic color combinations, and they also work great with wood calls. 

Our BLACK ALUMINUM BANDS are "ready to install" with deburred edges that are smooth and won't dig into the acrylic or wood if you use a "press on" installation. These are also a great band if you're thinking about getting your logo laser engraved. An all-around awesome band style!! We also posted a photo that highlights all of the colors available in this size band.

SIZE:  1.25" OD x 1.17" ID x .5" WIDE`