ACRYLIC BARREL - WHITE Acrylic Barrel Blank 2.7" x 1.4" OD & 5/8" Bore Top Grade!!

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WHITE ACRYLIC  is a premium SPARTECH - POLY ONE acrylic barrel blank  and these barrels are 2.7" long with a smooth 5/8" center bore. This is a top grade Poly One acrylic which is the best acrylic available and is made in USA.

NOTE:  The solid color acrylic colors that we have listed from Poly One will range from 2.7" to 3" long and the outside diameter will vary between 1.4" to 1.5".  All have the smooth 5/8" center bore.

 Barrel Size:  2.7" x 1.4" OD with 5/8" Bore

Barrels that we ship are not polished. We only sand and polish barrels that we use for our display photos so you can see the true colors of these incredible acrylic barrels!