ACRYLIC BARREL - PURPLE HAZE Exotic Swirl Barrel Blank 2.7" x 1.4" OD & 5/8" Bore

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PURPLE HAZE EXOTIC SWIRL BARREL BLANK:   this is a premium exotic swirl acrylic barrel blank that is used by one of the nation's largest call makers, and we're confident you will absolutely love this stunning deep purple pearl with black swirl. You are likely to find a top call brand made from Purple Haze and these calls are on the shelves of Bass Pro, Cabela's, and many other top outdoors retailers. We mention this only to point out that it's a top grade exotic swirl acrylic color.

Our "Ready to Shape" barrel blanks are approximately 2.7" long with a smooth 5/8" center bore. 

NOTE:  This color is no longer in production and our supply is very limited. If this is a color that you like than we'd suggest you get some while we still have some. 

 Barrel Size:  2.7" x 1.4" OD with 5/8" Bore

Barrels that we ship are not polished. We only sand and polish barrels that we use for our display photos so you can see the true colors of these incredible acrylic barrels!