ACRYLIC BARREL - BLUE LIVES MATTER Black with Thin Blue Line 2.85" x 1.4" OD & 5/8" Bore

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NEW "BLUE LIVES MATTER" BARREL BLANK  This is a new color and we've got barrel blanks "ready to shape" and "ready to ship." This is a solid black barrel blank with a thin blue line down the middle. This is a popular color if you're making a call for a police officer or family member of a police officer.  We only have a few available. If these are popular than we'll certainly add more to the inventory.


SIZE:  2.85" x 1.4" OD with 5/8" Bore

Barrels that we ship are not polished. We only sand and polish barrels that we use for our display photos so you can see the true colors of these incredible Exotic Swirls! The barrels we ship often have a rough surface but we know you'll cut these full size barrels down to make your duck or goose call barrel shape and you'll be into fresh acrylic for a flawless finish.