Check out our options for BAGS & BOXES because we've added new items, and now you can get YOUR LOGO laser engraved on the Ducks USA Black Call Boxes. Plus you'll love our Canvas Mallard Green Call Bags, and our custom designed American Flag Bags are always a popular choice!!

LOGOS:  We'll need a digital version of your logo and we can laser engrave these call boxes. Don't have logo? Let us know because we have designed more than 100 duck call company logos for call makers across the USA and in several foreign countries. We'll help with the logo design at no charge for Basic Logos. If you need custom artwork than we'll get you a price. We have one of the best freehand artist in the Ducks USA family, and she has already finished her second children's book for Amazon. She is good!


Send us a message via "Contact Us" or you can text or call: 901-207-0571