WOOD - HEDGE OSAGE ORANGE BARREL Blank 2.7" x 1.4" OD with 5/8" Bore 1-BARREL

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HEDGE OSAGE ORANGE BARREL BLANKS -  this wood species is a very popular choice among seasoned duck and goose call makers, and we've put together some Premium Selects of these great looking barrel blanks that are "ready to shape."

This listing is for one hedge barrel blank that's 2.7" x 1.4" OD & a smooth 5/8" Bore. These barrel blanks feature our exclusive "Ready to Shape."  We do all of the prep work so you don't have to!! Your barrel blank will arrive "Ready to Shape" so you can get to work right away on your next duck or goose call barrel project without the hassles of first prepping the barrel. 


SIZE: 2.7" X 1.4" OD & 5/8" BORE