WOOD - COCOBOLO Barrel Blanks Blonde & Highly Figured 2.7" X 1.4" & 5/8" BORE

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BLONDE COCOBOLO BARREL BLANK- here's a new twist on a traditional favorite and that's our exclusive Blonde Cocobolo barrel blanks. This isn't an official name that you'll find listed in the wood species encyclopedia but it's what we call it!!  This rare Blonde Cocobolo have an unusual light and dark mix and these barrels are stunning!!

Naturally they all differ but they'll all have that unique blend of blonde, medium and streaks of traditional dark Coco. And there are listed separately some with highly figured grain that are absolutely amazing. You'll find those listings if you do a a search for "cocobolo."

These barrels feature our exclusive "Ready to Shape" because we do all of the prep work so you don't have to. Most packages ship same day or next and typical first class domestic mail arrives in 2- to 3-days. If you're in a hurry just let us know and we'll figure out a quicker way to get these to you.


SIZE:  2.7" X 1.4" OD & 5/8" CENTER BORE