The WOOD BARREL BLANKS Collection has our exclusive "Ready To Shape" 2.7" Barrel Blanks, and you'll also find 3" & 6" turning blanks, 11.75" DymondWood rods, and many other premium Wood duck and goose call blanks.

We have a big selection of AUTHENTIC DYMOND WOOD barrels, and an impressive assortment of Exotic Burls, Hybrid Barrels, and Premium Dyed & Stabilized Exotic Wood barrels and blanks.  Ducks USA is your headquarters for Premium Exotic Barrels because we have some of the highest quality stabilized and dyed barrel blanks on the net!!

Most of our Exotic Wood Barrel Blanks are stabilized and some are also dyed. If they are stabilized we'll mention it. Some species are too dense with high oil saturation so these can't be stabilized. These dense woods include Cocobolo, African Blackwood, and others that are similar to these two species.

SPECIAL PACKS:  We'll also list some of our premium exotic wood barrels in 2-Packs, 3-Packs, and 5-Packs.  These give you a variety of wood species and it will certainly save time by getting a PACK with an assortment of barrel blanks that will give you sevearl options for your next duck or goose call project.

Check out what we have listed because we add new barrel blanks just about daily, and let us know if you have some particular that you are looking for but can't find it.