Ducks USA Update  - July 2018

Ducks USA Update - July 2018

If you're reading this than you made it to the all new Ducks USA web store. We built this site from scratch using the Shopify platform. This allows you to make your purchase using the "shopping cart" and you have many options on how to pay.

We'll continue to list products daily because we are still making the transition from eBay to our web store. We are so glad that we now have a functioning web store, and our customers are told us that it's much easier to find all of the part they need in one place. We've structures our ship fees to be super low because we personally don't like web stores that charge absurd ship fees.

No more endless searches on eBay, and other web sites that might only carry one or two parts that you're looking for because now you can get all of the duck and goose call parts in one place!! We closed the ETSY shop. We wanted to get all of our products in one place because we heard from so many customers and we listened!!

This is the Ducks USA web portal Headquarters and this is the one place where you can order parts, send messages, get help with our Custom Logo Design Services, laser engraved Boxes & Bands, and all of the parts you're looking for that will help you build an awesome duck or goose call.

We're always adding new products, finding amazing burl barrels, and we get shipments from our Wood Wizard of his latest stabilized and dyed Burl Blanks that we'll turn into our exclusive "Ready to Shape" barrel blanks.

Thanks so much for your continued support!! - Ducks USA

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