Ducks USA Update  - July 2020

Ducks USA Update - July 2020

If you're reading this than you made it to the Ducks USA web page which was introduced July 2018. Prior to our web page we sold mostly on eBay, direct sells, Amazon, and ETSY.  We decided to work directly with our customers and the result was  

We have most of the products we offer listed on our web page but we're so busy and we add news parts so often that we don't always get things listed right a way. So if there's a part you need but can't find please let us know because we probably have it.

One reason we started our own web page was the price of shipping. Many customers said they had to shop at a few different places to get the parts they needed, and adding up the ship fees from three different sources was getting pretty darn pricey. So our intentions here at is to provide you with all of the parts you need to make a duck or goose call and to have all of them available at one place. Saves you time, saves you money, and our ship fees are some of the best available on the internet. And we often throw in something extra to reduce the price of shipping because we have a pet peeve with suppliers that gouge on ship fees.

No more endless searches on eBay, and other web sites that might only carry one or two parts that you're looking for because now you can get all of the duck and goose call parts in one place!!

We still have our eBay stores, ETSY, and we're doing a new introduction with Amazon very soon. But we'll always focus our main efforts at and it will always be the one place where you can find all of the parts we offer, and many exclusive parts that you won't find listed at any other place. 

We're always adding new products, searching for amazing burl blanks, sourcing direct from the manufacturers so we can offer you the best prices, and we are always helping new call makers, or working with call makers that want to expand their product line by adding "retail ready" custom CNC crafted duck and goose calls. So if there's something you need, a question answered, a comment, or complaint, please give us a call first. We do make mistakes but we always fix it so please give us a chance to fix it before you leave negative feedback.


SCOTT - +1 901 207 0571

Thanks so much for your continued support!! - Ducks USA

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